Air Duncan is proud to provide a wide range of aviation insurance products and services. We offer coverage ranging from aircraft liability insurance and aviation hull insurance designed to give you peace of mind to airplane renter insurance to cover an aircraft you may rent or borrow.  We even offer hangar insurance to protect your airplane storage or airport property.

We can insure virtually any aviation insurance risk. We have years of experience in the insurance industry.  We are knowledgeable of risks you are likely to face and the types of coverage that will prove to be most conducive to your needs. Our alliance with all of the premier insurance companies in the aviation industry allows us to offer the best coverage with the lowest prices.

Air Duncan will do their best to make sure that your aviation and aircraft insurance needs are met throughout the years. No question or request is considered too small. Each policy period you will be contacted for your updated pilot information. We will then cover the entire insurance market and negotiate the best possible terms for your specific risk. We will only place your coverage with one of our premier aviation insurance companies.

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